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Duesenberg Diecast

Duesenberg Diecast
Duesenberg was founded in 1913 as an American manufacturer of luxury cars. They were top of the line, hand-made cars and were considered to produce some of the best cars of the time. The first ever American win at the French Grand Prix was in 1921, when Jimmy Murphy drove a Duesenberg across the finish line at Le Mans. There were 3 main models produced by Duesenberg, the Model A, X and J. The Model A was the main model early on and due to manufacturing limitations, only a few hundred were produced each year. The Model X was produced for only 1 year, and was a sports version of the Model A. Only 13 were known to be built, with only 5 surviving today. The Model J is what the company is best known for. It was the result of a merge between Duesenberg and Cord, and became a status symbol among the rich and famous. Duesenberg eventually ceased production after Cord's collapse and their cars are extremely valued today. These diecast model cars are great replicas of the famous "bowtie" style front bumper luxury cars. Don't miss out!

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