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AMC Diecast

AMC Diecast
Odds are, you've seen American Motors corporation (AMC) cars driving around and didn't even know. Organized in 1954 to battle the major manufacturers at the time, AMC was a merger of Hudson and Nash, both of which were phased out by 1957. Specializing in smaller cars, AMC found huge success in several car models, such as the Rambler, AMX, and Hornet. They eventually created a line of larger cars such as the Ambassador. Due to economic trouble, AMC began to dissolve in the 1980s. AM General went on to design Humvee and the rest of AMC (mainly their Jeep line) was sold to Chrysler. Though it is primarily survived by Jeep today, AMC was once a major innovator in car design. Don't miss out on collecting one of these diecast model cars.

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