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Star Trek Romulan Warbird - Round 2 AMT - 1/32 scale model

Star Trek Romulan Warbird - Round 2 AMT - 1/32 scale model
SKU: AMT753-R2
Price: $23.99
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
This Star Trek Romulan Warbird is a 1/32 scale plastic model replica. It features skill level 2, and for ages 10 to adult. It's an outstanding piece for any Star Trek collection.
Diecast Manuf: Round 2
Packaging: Retail Gift Box
Product Details
  • AMT753 Round 2 AMT - Star Trek Romulan Warbird
  • Manufactured by Round 2
  • This 1:3200 scale Star Trek snap-together plastic model kit
  • skill level 2, and for ages 10 to adult
  • Box size: 14.25"L x 10"W x 2.5"H
As a persistent threat to the Federation, the Romulans ironically began their existence as an offshoot of the peaceful Vulcan race. The opposite of the calm and composed Vulcan science officer, Mr. Spock, they let their emotions run rampant, marking them passionate, cunning and opportunistic. Believing themselves to be superior to other races, the Romulan Star Empire has set out to take control of the Galaxy. To this end they have amassed a robust military system and invasive intelligence organization. An extremely clever race, they continue to keep the Federation on an ever-present state of alert and vigilance. The Romulan Warbird was developed to be an intimidating and swift ship and served as the backbone of their fleet through the 24th century. Powered by a forced quantum singularity, they could rach speeds of warp 9.6! A speed at which they can easily tail any Federation vessel. Every Warbird was equipped with a cloaking device, a disruptor array, a torpedo launcher, and three additional weapons arrays placed around the ship. Through skillful use of these vessels, they have become a strong and definitive presence in the Alpha Quadrant. Encountering the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D on more than one occasion, the standoff created between these equally matched opponents tested the mettle of both their commanders and their ships.This plastic assembly kit of the Romulan Warbird measures 12.75" long and 9" wide. It is molded in greenish gray with clear and glow-in-the-dark engine parts. A dome-style base featuring a metal support rod and window and Romulan logo decals are included.
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